Areas of Practice

Family Immigration Cases

Our firm represents clients wishing to bring their family together here in the United States. Whether the non-citizen family member is here in the United States or in another country we work to unite loved ones. Family member can acquire lawful permanent resident status here in the United States.

Naturalization – Apply for U.S. Citizenship

Helping clients achieve their U.S. citizenship is the ultimate goal of an immigration attorney. Each month our firm represents clients in their naturalization process and many of those were undocumented when they first consulted at Game Immigration Law PC. We have the knowledge and experience to advice lawful permanent residents when they are eligible to apply for citizenship and we represent them throughout the whole process.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

Some immigrants wishing to enter the United States may be inadmissible because of prior immigration law violations, criminal convictions or health related grounds. Our firm works with immigrants and their families to submit waiver requests to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to waive those grounds of inadmissibility so our clients can get their resident status or visa.

Immigration Court – Removal Defense

Experience matters when it comes to finding an attorney to represent you in a removal defense case. Immigration laws are complex and the stakes are high when you or a loved one is facing deportation. We can offer honest advise about your case and whether there is an avenue for relief from deportation.

Humanitarian Cases

We compassionately represent non citizens who have been victims of crimes, domestic violence within the United States as well as those fleeing from persecution in their own country. We work with clients to get police reports, court records, psychological evaluations and other evidence to submit winning cases to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. These cases are U visas, Special Immigrant Juveniles, VAWA, and Asylum.

Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

With over a decade of experience representing clients before the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”), you can feel confident hiring our firm to appeal a negative decision of the immigration judge or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Choose an experienced litigator to represent you in your appeal. If you had a previous attorney it can be helpful to get a second opinion and a fresh set of eyes on your case.

To see a sample of a brief in a successful appeal to the BIA click  here.

Petitions for Review- Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

There is a 30 day time limit to file a Petition for Review with the Federal Circuit Court after loosing your appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals. We can assist in filing prior to the deadline and also file a Stay of Removal, so you can remain in the United States while your federal appeal is pending.